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Farm Fresh! Calavacita Skillet recipe included.

One of the things I did in Colorado Springs while visiting our kids was wander through a local farmer’s market with my daughter-in-law, Roxanne. There is just something about picking up fresh produce and meeting the farmer who actually grew it. The smell of chilies being roasted over an open fire, freshly baked goodies, and hand picked bouquets of […]


Chill with Mmm~Mango Banana Smoothie.

I love the taste of summer! Everything is so flavorful and bursting with color. My husband, John, is the green thumb in our family. He has planted a garden everywhere we have lived. Sometimes it is a plot of deep brown soil. Sometimes it is a raised bed with gopher screen lining the bottom. But, […]


Wreath of Rememberance

A few years ago I went with Scott and his Civil Air Patrol to Rosecrans Cemetery on Point Loma. We broke into teams and were given wreaths along with the sites where they were to be placed. The cadets respectfully set each wreath against a headstone, paused, and saluted. With a wreath in hand, we […]


Everyone Has a Story

I often see a wiry woman pushing a cart full of odds and ends around town, or hefting around a military seabag across her narrow shoulders, weighing almost as much as she does. Her long brown hair hangs down her back in a ponytail to keep it out of her leather-hard face. She is one […]


How Many Teens To Change a Lightbulb?

Pardon me if you have already heard this one already. “How many teens does it take to change a light bulb?” ANSWER – ONE They stand on a step stool, hold onto the bulb, and wait for the whole world to rotate around them. If you are, or have been, the parent of a teen, […]

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Breakfast for Dinner! Carrot Bran Muffins

What’s for dinner? In our family, it might just be breakfast! Enjoy this recipe for amazingly delicious carrot bran muffins.


Moving Forward

“This is the year I get in shape!”  I have told myself for the last decade.  I like the idea of toning up, slimming down and being able to keep up with my kids, but putting that goal into action is another thing entirely.   It isn’t the desire, but the discipline to put on my walking […]

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Lemon Curd ~ a taste of California Sunshine!

Making Lemon Curd is easy and so amazing, especially if you start out with lemons that have been allowed to ripen on the tree before being picked. Recipe and directions are included as well as a tutorial.


Zin-ful Vice Chocolate Cake

“WOW” I am pretty sure if taste buds could talk that is what they were shouting after my first bite of this amazing chocolate cake. I mean seriously, how could you go wrong with butter, dark cocoa, and a glass of wine? Be still my beating heart!  And then, it is drizzled with the glaze, followed by […]


Life Is Full Of Adventure

My alarm went off at 4 a.m. It wasn’t so much that I mind getting up early, but the thought of driving Amy to San Diego to catch a plane that would take her to the other side of the world made me want to hit the snooze button- for about the next 4 years. […]