Sarah Sundin and her recipe for Boston Creme Pie

Little did I know when I met Sarah Sundin at Mount Hermon Writer’s Conference in 2002 that we would become close, lifelong friends. I was taking the article track and she was taking the major morning, track on fiction writing. While I have to admit I am not much of a womance (woman’s romance) reader, […]


Fire On The Ridge

I don’t know if they wear capes or have embossed letters across their chests, but I DO know this – real heros can fly. Cal Fire pilots are like rodeo clowns in the sky; skirting flames, skimming over tree lined terrian, and dodging smoke so thick it blankets the sky with an opaque quilt of […]


A Military Mom’s View of Memorial Day

Although it has been over 7 years ago, it feels like yesterday that we stood on the hot tarmac at 29 Palms before the 2-7 Marines left for Afghanistan. The soldiers filed into their lines for final roll call, surrounded by those of us who had traveled to send them off. Young wives, in the […]


Cookies – My Family’s Love Language

My family’s love language can fit into a jar.. a cookie jar. No matter how busy life gets, our kids and their friends know that my cookie jar always has something home-baked in it. From chocolate chip, oatmeal craisin, to  peanut butter cookies, we love them all. But I would have to say that gingersnaps […]

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Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

I have heard it said that dinner time is the arsenic hour, you either want to give it or take it! I totally believe that! When the kids were young, it didn’t matter what time I started dinner, there was going to some kind of melt down or mishap. I had to be on my […]


You Don’t Have To Face Life Alone – You Have Sisters

I looked at my watch. It was 10:30 in the morning and the waiting room was almost empty. The receptionist and doctor knew I was here, but no one, except my husband, knew. I looked at the laminated pink card that had my name and medical record number at the top. The list of procedure […]


MOMS- Believe it or not, your teen still needs you.

“C’mon Jack,” Amy grabbed her keys and backpack. “We are going to be late.” My 5’10” freshman, Jack, emerged from his room still in his PJ’s. His tousled mop of hair looked as if he had just walked backwards through a wind tunnel. “Just go without him,” I took a drink of hot coffee and […]

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DIY Cheese Crackers that are out of this world!

Learn how to make simple, yet yummy cheese crackers your whole family will love.

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Happy Mother Goose Day!

Did you know that May 1st is National Mother Goose Day? There are a few different accounts of who the real Mother Goose was, but one thing is certain, she has had an impact on children around the world for generations. In 1697, an Italian author named Charles Perrault, gathered ten fairy tales and published […]


Amazing DIY Centerpiece- including chalkboard paint recipe.

I remember when I was in 4-H as a kid. Mrs. Orosco was our “Foods” leader and one of the classes was on creating centerpieces.  For those who participated in 4-H Favorite Foods Day, we were actually judged on the food, the menu, and the table setting. I received a medal the year I rocked […]