When the readers respond…this is what success looks like!

When I was having some questions about a scene in “The Adventures of Pearley Monroe” I decided to go to the best source I could find for help ~ my readers! I contacted a fourth grade teacher, Michael La Marr and he decided to get feedback from his students. Each day he would read a […]


This is what a real hero looks like.

  Today we went to a Veteran’s Day ceremony in San Marcos. The most touching moment was when one of the speakers, who had lost his twin brother in Vietnam while he himself was serving, introduced a real American hero. His father, who was on the third deck below the water line when the ship […]

strawberry shortcake

Strawberry Shortcakes…YUM :~)

There is something tantalizing about fresh strawberry shortcakes. I am not sure if it is the buttery biscuit, the fresh strawberries or the creamy dollop of whipped cream that keeps it all together, but it is something I find myself unashamedly licking the crumbs off my fork every time I make it. In “The Adventures […]


The Best Review

One of my favorite subjects in school was history. Probably because it was a series of stories connected together. It wasn’t like doing math where numbers had values of measurement, time or space, it was something I could imagine, that had emotion, adventure and built character. I think history is still exciting. The ability to […]


You can take the man out of the mountains…

It is hard to believe we have lived in the San Diego area for almost a year now. On the last day that John & Sons were running the mill in Northern California I had to take some pics and a few videos, after all, the sawmill had been a part of our live and […]



I want to take a moment to thank all of those who, over the years, have been an encouragement in my writing career. I am in the final phases of editing, and have been working with a team of professionals to make sure this book is polished. I have a traditionally published book being released […]


Nostalgic- new word for Pinterest board!

Nostalgic (adj.) a longing to go back to one’s home, hometown or homeland- a yearning for something far away or long ago.       ~~~~~~~~~~ This week the word on our Pinterest “WORD” board is nostalgic.  At first I was thinking that I should have picked something more school related since many of us […]

scott and Jack roadtrip

Scott and the Sky

Our dreams and passions can take us many places. For some, it might be going to a cooking class, learning to ballroom dance, or training for a half-marathon. Scott’s dream has always been to fly and he has had a lot of people behind him to help make that dream a reality. Sometimes you have […]

The Monroe Family

Sometimes The Process Is The Best Part Of The Project

Sometimes the greatest part of writing a book is the process. I have been working on this book for several years. Recently I renewed my focus for getting this project done.  I have been pouring over documents and finding things I never would have dreamed of such as the book where James Marshall registered to […]

Simple Blessings

Simple Blessings

It has been a busy summer. We are staying in Northern California for the month of July while Scott works on getting his pilot’s license, Jack and Amy have had fun reconnecting with friends, and I have been busy working on the final edits of “The Adventures of Perly Monroe.” In the midst of all […]